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We take FR Safety to a new level with Bulwark Flame Resistant Clothing, built to last and protect workers from electrical, flash fires, and other fire hazards that could cause severe or fatal burn injuries. Bulwark’s fire resistant apparel works hard to keep you safe, so you can keep working hard.


You know and trust the Bulwark name - and for good reason. Throughout the company's history, we've made it a priority to lead the industry with technological advances that raise the bar for safety, durability and dependability.

For more than 40 years, Bulwark, has led the way in market-changing developments. We continue to lead the flame-resistant protective garment market by seeking out, evaluating and implementing innovation in fibers, fabrics, finishes and garment construction. Bulwark is committed to continuous improvement in garment design and wearer comfort while delivering value to customers and never for getting that wearer safety must always be the primary concern. 

We always put safety first - that's the promise behind the patch you'll find on every Bulwark garment.