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Bug Spray information

As the weather begins to warm up, the bugs begin to appear! We know it’s difficult working outside with bugs swarming you, but there are some precautions you should take before using insect repellant while wearing your flame resistant clothing.

The active ingredient in many bug sprays, lotions and wristbands is ‘DEET’. It helps ward off mosquitoes and ticks and is used quite often. However be warned, DEET is extremely flammable. Wearing DEET while working around arc flash and flash fire hazards is dangerous and should not be done!

You flame resistant clothing, when sprayed with DEET, has the potential to ignite and burn if exposed to an ignition hazard.

Do NOT use DEET products on your FR clothing. Instead, look for sprays and lotions with active insect repellant ingredient ‘permethrin’. Permethrin is safe to use on FR products and is recommended by the USDA.

Be safe and smart in your FR’s!