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FRC Fabric Guide


With so many fabrics to choose from, Bulwark® and Wrangler® FR apparel make is to find something to fit every individual need and Industry need, we have what you need when it comes to protecting you on the job site. Our products lead the industry in protection.

Our range of industry-leading options guarantees a perfect fit for a wide variety of industrial applications. So, weather your are in the Oil and Gas Industry, Electrical Utility, 70E/Manufacturing we have Flame Resistant Apparel to meet your needs . Use our handy guide below to help with your buying decision or call us at 1-877-855-2699 for more information. 


100% COTTON. 100% COMFORT. 100% FLAME-RESISTANT. EXCEL FR® cotton garments offer unbeatable protection for foundries, flame cutting and welding, as well as electrical utilities and the chemical, oil, gas and petrochemical industries. All EXCEL FR® cotton apparel is permanently treated to guarantee flame resistance for the life of the garment. 

EXCEL FR® ComforTouch™

COTTON'S COMFORT. NYLON'S DURABILITY. This practical 88% cotton / 12% nylon blend provides long-lasting protection for nearly all work environments. Ideal applications include ferrous metals, electrical utilities and the chemical, oil, gas and petrochemical industries. Every EXCEL FR® ComforTouch™ garment is engineered for life of the garment flame resistance.

Nomex® IIIA

LIGHTWEIGHT. BREATHABLE. INHERENTLY FLAME-RESISTANT. DuPont Nomex® IIIA (93% Nomex® Aramid/5% Kevlar® Aramid/2% Other Fiber) garments are extremely durable, so they aren't damaged by laundering. Nomex® IIIA apparel is preferred by workers in petrochemical and refinery environments and makes a great choice for electric and gas utility workers.


DURABLE. WICKABLE. BLENDED INHERENT. CAT2. Cool Touch® 2 garments provide flame-resistant protection in a lightweight blended fabric. The result - unbeatable softness coupled with lasting durability and CAT2 protection. Bulwark® Protective Apparel markets TenCate TECASAFE® PLUS fabric under the brand name "Cool Touch® 2".


COMBED COTTON. INHERENTLY FLAME-RESISTANT. Firewear® is blend of 55% FFR and 45% combed cotton. The fabric has a cotton-like hand and is offered in a knit construction. Recommended applications include utilities and firefighters station/work uniforms.

PBI Gold®

DURABLE. SOFT. COMFORTABLE. PBI Gold® apparel is made from 60% Kevlar® and 40% PBI, combining excellent thermal stability with superior comfort. The inherent flame-resistant properties last for the lifetime of the garment and will not be damaged by laundering.


FLAME-RESISTANT. COMFORTABLE. COMPLIANT. Bulwark® offers garments designed to provide additional wearer safety during periods of limited visibility or in the often complex and varying backgrounds found in many occupations such as traffic control, construction and utility work along roadways and equipment operation.


SHED MOLTEN ALUMINUM. CAST OFF CRYOLITE. Because of its unique ability to shed molten aluminum as well as cryolite, specialized Molten Metal Protective garments are used extensively throughout the aluminum casting industry. Our products are inherently flame-resistant, so their ability to protect will never be compromised by laundering.


PROTECT OTHER GARMENTS. PREVENT CONTAMINANT SOILING. Extend® FR garments are water repellent and made to withstand minor splashes without saturation to garments underneath. Use them to extend the life of more expensive thermal protective garments.