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FRC Laundry Care


Each type of Flame-Resistant fabric requires special safety and care considerations.

Inherently FR Fibers Inherently flame-resistant fibers are defined as having flame-resistance as an essential characteristic of the fiber.

Treated Fabrics
Treated fabrics are treated with a flame retardant chemical to make them flame-resisant. The fibers used in these fabrics, such as cotton, are not normally considered protective and become flame-resistant because of the treatment.

Treated Fibers Fabrics made from treated synthetic fibers, which are extruded with a flame retardant chemical in the fiber-forming process, become flame-resistant for the life of the garment because the flame retardant cannot be removed by wear of laundering. 

 Blends Some fabrics are blends of treated and inherently FR fibers.

Garment Information : Laundry Care Key
Industrial Wash = Do not recommend more than 165".
Light Soil Wash = 140" wash maximum in light soil formulas.
Home Wash = 120" or less in 6 lb. load machine such as used at home.
Dry Clean Only = Professional dry cleaning process.
Special = Specific processing instructions apply.